How do I get my stickers?

We will make sure you will get them in the summer camp or in your class via our representatives.

Can I suggest stickers?

Of course! Visit our suggestments page in the navigation bar.

How rich do you get?

Not at all, in fact, we may lose money! Production of stickers requires a minimum amount and isn’t cheap, so the price of the stickers is the minimum to cover our expenses.

Can I help?

Yep! Just contact us or visit our jobs page to know what we need. Also, if you have any ideas, just contact us!

Why didn't I get my pre-ordered stickers?

Pre-order doesn’t guarantee that you will get the sticker. When we receive enough pre-orders we print the stickers and send you a mail with a payment request. If we didn’t receive enough pre-orders, we couldn’t print the stickers 🙁

Are orders final?

YES. By ordering you agree to pay the cost of the stickers. Any cancellation will result in us losing money, and we don’t earn from it, if we print the stickers we can get a refund.


Sorry our Q&A couldn’t help with that, just send us a message and we will contact you asap!